Eight Flowers

Genre, Länge
Drama, 30min

The story is about Benjamin Lewis, a 25 year old man who is living on his own in a very human-deserted area. But he is actually quite happy, because all he really needs are his friends on the social platform "Tracebook" who listen to him and send him love from around the world. Today, just having reached his 1000th friend, he wants to meet his virtual girlfriend in reality. But his destiny will change his entire virtual life, so that everything takes a different course than planned on "Tracebook".

EIGHT FLOWERS is a story about modern friendship, love and social isolation.

8, as endless same destinies; 8, as a new beginning.

Writer, Director, Producer

Timo von Gunten


Benny Merz

Manfred Liechti

Viola von Scarpatetti

Sarah Schäfer


Armand Amar


Crinstina Boesiger

Director of Photography

Pierre Castillo Bernard


Gisela Weibel

Sound Design

Peter von Siebental

Sound Recording

Quirin Sieber / Timo Schaub / Oliver Herzog


James Anthony

Robin Gut

Kalina Bettenmann