Genre, Länge
Drama, 120min

The incredible true story of the surrealist artists Lucy Schwob and Suzanne Malherbe – stepsisters and lovers – and how they carried out the longest campaign of resistance against the Nazi occupation of Jersey during World War II.

Paris, 1937. Lucy and Suzanne are at the heady centre of the surrealist movement working under the androgynous pseudonyms Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore. Amidst a rising tide of fascism the women move to the isolated British island of Jersey to begin a new life.

The unorthodox couple arouses the curiosity of the conservative Islanders with their refusal to conform and by continuing with their bohemian lifestyle: cross-dressing, posing for surrealist photographs, walking their cats on leads and dancing naked on the beach.

Lucy and Suzanne’s new-found tranquility is shattered by the invasion of the Nazis. Rather than flee, the women remain to carry out a daring campaign of artistic resistance against their fascist occupiers.

The audacity of Nazi propaganda on the island inspires the couple to produce notes in German, inciting the occupying troops to revolt, signing them ‘The Soldier With No Name’. In town, amidst the urban bustle, they covertly deposit the notes in soldiers’ pockets, on tables, through the windows of military vehicles, and fade away unseen.

The Occupation's grip on the Island tightens with the arrival of the Secret Police, headed by the diligent Bohde. He and his ruthless second-in-command, Wölfe, soon encounter the seditious notes and take it upon themselves to discover the identity of the ‘The Soldier With No Name’.

Oblivious to the investigation into their activities, the women begin expanding their resistance activities in ever-more brazen ways. But Lucy’s courage soon turns into an impulsive recklessness which leads her to take increasingly larger risks as the Secret Police close in…


Timo von Gunten


Jonathan Socrates






Mirror Productions
Evangelo Kouissis, Simon Baxter

Giles Foreman